January 10, 2023

KAVACA PPF by NanoShine Group is the most prominent Paint Protection Film to hit the market. Manufactured in state of the art facilities, the film’s instant healing ability and strong durability are second to none.In an industry filled with so many copycats – Kavaca stands out amongst the rest.  Kavaca is a revolutionary self healing paint protection film, This feature quickly repairs minor scratches without the need for heat guns. Instant healing film is a new technology that has never been seen in the paint protection film industry until recently.


What is Instant Healing Paint Protection Film Technology?

One of the biggest benefits of paint protection film or PPF as it’s also known is the ability to protect against the impact of small rocks, and other debris that may be on the road. However, when the topcoat layer of PPF is scratched or gouged, applying direct heat can repair these minor imperfections. The ability to protect debris makes it a better protection solution than a ceramic coating. PPF is also commonly known as a clear bra. This is designed to protect the car’s paint on the front end specifically. Kavaca paint protection film can be applied to any part of your vehicle’s paint. When you protect the surface with paint protection film, paint damage that can occur from stone chips, tree sap,love bug guts, and other contaminants are heavily reduced. The new Instant Healing technology by Kavaca allows these scratches to be taken out in under one second with heat. Kavaca is the most advanced and best Paint Protection Film or clear bra film the market has to offer. 

Why is Kavaca the Best Paint Protection Film?

Kavaca PPF is manufactured using new found technologies and high-quality raw materials. With the amazing visual appearance of the film it also acts as a self-healing protective layer preventing the paint from being damaged from physical damage UV rays, and other chemicals that may come in contact with the surface of your vehicle.Our kavaca self healing paint protection film has also been infused with our 9H ceramic coating, something no other company has been able to offer before! This technology also helps with preventing the film from prematurely turning yellow, a negative side-effect of many other inferior quality paint protection films that are sold on the market today. 

Kavaca has been developed for the automotive industry for paint protection, but can be used in many other applications as well outside of the automotive world!


Kavaca Warranty & Carfax

Ceramic Pro LLC offers a lifetime warranty against factory defects! The warranties for Kavaca are synced with Carfax’s database just like Ceramic Pro Coatings.

Kavaca is warrantied when installed on clean coated car panels, to be free of:

  • Defects from the manufacture
  • PRotection against yellowing and dirt under the surface.
  • Cracks or bubbles in the wrap are covered.
  • The warranty does not include damage caused by daily driving, misuse, accidents, or improper application.




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