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Anyone who knows anything about cars understands that the best way of prolonging the life of your car is to stay on top of the maintenance. When we pay attention to the needs of the exterior, interior and engine compartment our cars look, feel and run far better. When a car is left outside it is exposed to harsh elements of the Floridian climate. With services provided at Ceramic Pro Sarasota we can protect our cars with Paint Ceramic Coatings. Paint Protection Film will keep your vehicle protected from driving projectiles and contaminants such as rock chips, dirt, tree sap, insect acids and bird droppings. If these contaminants come into contact with your protected paint they will easily wipe right off. Adding a layer of Paint Protection to prevent damage from these contaminants is a great way to prolong the luster and adds value to your vehicle. 

At Ceramic Pro Sarasota we only offer top of the line Paint Protection products for our clients that come backed with industry leading warranties. Whether you’re looking for Ceramic Pro, Clear Bar (Paint Protection Film), Window Tint or all of the above, Ceramic Pro Sarasota has you covered. Since we started our business ten plus years ago we have worked on and detailed some of Florida’s most luxurious automobiles. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service on the market and to cater to each individual client’s needs. We don’t satisfy expectations, we exceed them!

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