Ceramic Pro Bronze Package


The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package is an incredible value for the money. Just like the more robust packages of Ceramic Pro it contains the hydrophobic and nano-ceramic paint coating qualities. This allows the paint to look great and provides high gloss and shine to the paint. You will spend far less time washing your car and wiping off grime then you did when your car was unprotected. Just like all of our Ceramic Pro packages, the package comes loaded with a  warranty (two years) and provides the user with one layer of Ceramic Pro light on the vehicle and an additional layer of Ceramic Pro Light on the rims and plastic. We also provide protective ceramic coatings to the side windows and the windshield.

Included in Package

Full Detail Inside and Out Machine Polish to Vehicles Painted Surfaces Ceramic Pro Top Coat Applied to all Painted Surfaces and Trim Ceramic Pro Glass Applied to all Exterior Glass Surfaces Ceramic Pro Strong Applied to Wheel Faces.

The best way to protect your investment!

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package comes loaded with a two-year warranty. Just like all of the Ceramic Pro packages we highly recommend the paint correction packages to restore your paint’s quality and luster to a previous time when your paint was perfect.   The paint correction process will remove marring and swirling and restore UV stability to the paints coat. Those set in imperfections will be removed as our buffers and polishers will get out all of the imperfections. Once you receive the paint correction, your car is ready for a Ceramic Pro package. This package includes a layer of Ceramic Pro Light to the body of the car, one layer of Ceramic Pro Light on the plastic and rims of the vehicle and one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain (known for hydrophobic components) to the windshield.


Ceramic Pro is nano-ceramic, hydrophobic technology that defends your vehicle against sun, rain and wind. Protect what you care about most with Ceramic Pro.

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