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Ceramic Pro Sarasota is Eco Care Detailing. Eco Care Detailing has been detailing, tinting and protecting paint in the Sarasota area since 2004. In the climate of Eastern Florida it is imperative to protect your paint from the wind, rain, sun and sand. When it comes to protecting a vehicles paint it all lies in the details. This is where we come in. If you don’t have that same feeling that you once had about your car (specifically it’s paint) it’s probably time for paint protection and paint correction.

Our love for cars has grown out of a love for the details, and our goal is to bring your car’s paint to the highest level possible. At Ceramic Pro Sarasota we treat every car that enters our storefront, our mobile detail or one of off site locations with the utmost care and pride. We offer a variety of detailing packages that will meet any individuals needs. Everyone knows how great it feels to step into a recently cleaned automobile and it’s an even better to see heads literally turn as you pass by.   Maintaining your cars interior and exterior is a great way of prolonging the life of the car, protecting the interior and exterior and maintaining the value of the vehicle. Please scroll down below to see a list of the detail packages offered at Ceramic Pro Sarasota.


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The best way to protect your investment!

Full Detail Service

This package includes an exterior foam wash an engine compartment detail, interior vacuum and an interior wipe down.

Maintenance Wash

This package includes clay bar, alcohol paint treatment, removal of swirls and marring.

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Concours Detail

This package includes car wash, wheel and tire detail and shine, clay bar, compound polish and wet sand (if necessary).

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RV Detail

The RV Detail has five different components. We offer a bronze, silver, gold, platinum and a-la-carte options. For additional info on these services please click here.

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