Ceramic Pro Gold Package


The Gold Package includes a total of four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Light. This will prevent damage from rock chips, bird droppings, acidic rain, tree sap and wind damage to your vehicle. We apply a coat of Ceramic Pro to all of the wheels and calipers and plastics and an additional coat of Ceramic Pro Rain is then applied to the windshield and headlights. This package provides scuff, marring and scratch resistance to give you that well deserved peace of mind during any commute. The Gold Package comes fully loaded with a lifetime warranty and will form a glass like shield with your existing paint to give you the highest level of protection offered at our storefront. For a free quote for your vehicle please click here!

Included in Package

Full Detail Inside and Out Multi Stage Paint Correction to Vehicles Painted Surfaces 4 Layers of Ceramic Pro 9h Applied to all Painted Surfaces and Trim 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat to all Painted Surfaces and Trim Ceramic Pro Glass Applied to all Exterior Glass Surfaces Ceramic Pro Strong Applied to Wheel Faces

The best way to protect your investment!

Ceramic Pro Gold Package

Before any installation or application of Ceramic Pro products is commenced, it is highly recommended that paint correction procedures be taken. The paint correction process will remove any blemishes or oxidation and restore your paint to its prior condition before it is sealed with the Ceramic Pro coating. Once the Paint Correction process is completed the ceramic coating process can begin. The level of paint correction required is unique to each car and is thus assessed on a case by case basis. The Gold Package consists of four layers of the flagship product in Ceramic Pro 9H to the body of the car.  An additional layer of Ceramic Pro 9H is then installed to all other exposed areas.  Ceramic Pro Light is then applied over the vehicle as a hydrophobic top coat.  One layer of Ceramic Pro 9H is applied to the rims and plastic to protect those low lying areas from contaminants.  The package is finished off with one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on the windshield and front side windows to repel water from the glass surfaces.  The Gold Package comes fully loaded with lifetime warranty!



Ceramic Pro is nano-ceramic, hydrophobic technology that defends your vehicle against sun, rain and wind. Protect what you care about most with Ceramic Pro.

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