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Ceramic Pro is the best ceramic paint coating on the market. There are several copycats on the market but none of these products can replicate the exact formula that allows Ceramic Pro to protect the surfaces that it comes in contact with. Ceramic Pro has hydrophobic nano-ceramic qualities that allow dirt and grime to wipe off of the exterior surface.  At Ceramic Pro Sarasota we offer four distinct Ceramic Pro packages: The Gold comes with a lifetime warranty, the Silver, a 5-year warranty, The Bronze, a 2-year warranty and the Sport, a 6-month warranty.

Clear Bra is the king of paint protection. It offers transparent shield like protective properties that contain self-healing qualities. Clear bra is one of the only surface protections that prevent rock chip damage. There are three options offered at Ceramic Pro Sarasota: Our Full Car Kit offers total car protection, the Partial Kit provides full bumper, headlight, half of the front hood and fenders protected along with the side mirrors. The Add On Package is offered for a-la-carte service. If you are interested in protecting certain components of your vehicle please click here for additional information.

Protect your investment!

We are a company that lives and breaths the details. The details are our roots and we continue to breathe our passion into all of our work. Ceramic Pro Sarasota was grown out of Eco Care Detailing and we have been detailing cars professionally since 2004. If you are looking for the best detail in town then Ceramic Pro Sarasota is the place for you. We know how time consuming it can be to detail your car so leave the details to us! When you get your car detailed you’ll be feeling like you are driving it off the lot for the first time. Your car will turn heads once it’s and restored to the luster of yesteryear. We offer a full detail, maintenance wash and concours details for automobiles. If you own a specialty vehicle like an RV or an airplane then we have packages for you as well! Take in your automobile or specialty vehicle to us and we will provide the best detail Florida has to offer!

Our shop specializes in protecting the exterior and interior of your vehicle. No other type of add on is better at protecting both of these surfaces than tint. Adding tint to your vehicle will provide a customized touch and flare to your vehicle as well as protecting the interior plastics, leather and textiles from fading, cracking and peeling. Interior UV damage to your vehicle can be incredibly costly and unsightly. Leave it to our tinting experts to protect your interior from these potential blemishes.

We offer two types of tint at Ceramic Pro Sarasota. The Crystalline Tint is the top of the line package that is offered and will block 99% of UV light. Our Ceramic Tint package will protect your skin from the UV rays while simultaneously allowing radio signals and cellular signals to enter and exit the vehicle.

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