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Joseph Stern

“Thank you for taking the time to visit us online. With over 20 years of experience and growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I like to believe I have an understanding of what it takes to make a lasting impression. Within our website, I strive to provide you with a better understanding of the broad capacity of services offered within the facility, the talented individuals that make up the team and a brief insight into the high level of expectation in quality and customer service that I hold as the core value of Ceramic Pro Sarasota. I strongly believe that a service does not start or stop with only a product. But that each product within a service is paired with an experience that leaves a lasting impression that not only protects your vehicle, but also our ongoing relationship with your family and friends! I know that our products and my team will always add an extra “shine” to every service that we provide!”



If you know Joseph personally you will know that he always has a willingness to help. One of Joseph’s highest priorities is his Community Involvement. Since moving into Ceramic Pro Sarasota’s current location, Joseph designated annual events like Trunk or Treat in October along with a Toy Drive that happens throughout the month of December.  He always says, “I didn’t build this business for myself, I built it for everyone else to enjoy. ” Joseph is very involved with the car community as well. He hosts a car show called Caffeine and Gasoline the last Saturday of every month, where he can generally be found handing out coffee and donuts while talking with car owners.


best friend.

With over 20 employees and multiple businesses, Joseph doesn’t have a lot of “spare time.” In fact, when he’s not busy running the business, he spends a large portion of his time networking and mentoring other passionate business owners to sustain their business growth. However, when you can’t find Joseph at the shop, or helping friends, he’s probably spending time hanging with Diesel – his Loyal Bull Terrier. Diesel is the face of Ceramic Pro Sarasota and even has his picture hanging on the employee wall!





Ceramic Pro Sarasota has merged with Eco Care Detailing to offer not only mobile detailing services but a cornerstone location for specialized detailing services! Eco Care Detailing is a well know mobile detailing company that provides professional auto detailing services with a very specific focus on superior customer service. They have grown exponentially over the past few years due to their customer service and quality, and have maintained and grown a strong customer base as well as a Perfect 5 ***** Rating on Google and Facebook.

Much of this is due to the relentless dedication of the companies owner and founder Joseph Stern. He was quoted saying and repeated multiple time: ” I have the best customers in the world, I’m blessed to not only work with the most beautiful cars in the world but also to make amazing connections with individuals that I respect and have learned so much from!” He went on saying that he’s so thankful for his family’s support, saying that on many occasions during a average week he would work go to work at 5am and return home after midnight. He stated that most detail companies shut down after the first few years and have a lack of employee commitment and that he did not want this for his team and company. He stated that he placed his focus on re-investing every cent back into the business to ensure his team has the best equipment, product and opportunity to provide the highest quality possible, while making well above average pay.



As the old saying goes, focusing on the small things can pay huge dividends. This is a concept embraced by the team at Eco Care Detailing, a successful business founded by Joseph Stern who operates Sarasota, Florida’s flagship Ceramic Pro Auto Spa. And although they have only been in business for six years Ceramic Pro Sarasota has created a customer experience that starts the moment you visit their website – till you pick up you’re ride. Supported by a  team of more than 20 hard working specialists, Ceramic Pro Sarasota has served residents and business owners in the South Tampa Bay region with detailing and protective solutions since 2014. After spending a decade detailing and coating high-end and luxury vehicles himself, Stern took the leap to open a one-stop-shop for automotive detailing and protective services, offering nano ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and window films. Like many other Ceramic Pro Auto Spa owners, he started operating out of mobile vans, and has grown into a storefront that operates out of convenient locations and docks in the Sarasota area. The mobile fleets are still active – giving customers the flexibility to choose how, when, and where they receive top-notch detailing and protective coating services.