Airplane Detail


If you have a private, company or commercial jet and are looking for a plane detail, look no further. Our experience with jets is comprehensive and all encompassing. We’ve worked with everything from single engine, dual engine, and Gulf Stream jets. Additionally our detailers have worked on jets from Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and FedEx on their Boeing jets. Ceramic Pro Sarasota will do everything from standard washes to paint corrections, standard waxes and ceramic coatings.

Included in Package

  • Evaluation & Inspection
  • Full Exterior Wash
  • Foam Bath
  • Microfiber Brush Wash
  • Nano Spray Wax
  • Hot Air Dry
The best way to protect your investment!

The Airplane Detail Process

Prior to any services being performed, we begin with a thorough evaluation of the airplane, and an inspection to make sure that there is no damage. Once verified the service commences with a full rinse down of the airplane, a foam bath and a microfiber brush wash. This is followed up with a nano spray wax and rinse and the airplane is dried with a waffle weave shammy and hot air. The service continues to the customer’s needs, whether it be a full wax of the vehicle, applied by a Rupes buffer, or a silica sealant. If the customer decides they are interested in paint correction, we will perform a paint correction service to remove the scratches and swirls throughout.

If the customer decides to add the benefits of paint protection application for the airplane then it will be completed after the detail is finalized. The ceramic coating will be applied after a paint correction and polish is completed. Click here for a free quote today!


Ceramic Pro is nano-ceramic, hydrophobic technology that defends your vehicle against sun, rain and wind. Protect what you care about most with Ceramic Pro.


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