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Ceramic Pro & Clear Bra Protection for Porsches

Porsche Paint Protection

Porsches are some of the most recognizable vehicles on the road. The low lying coupes and low center of gravity are distinctive and recognizable on every point of the globe. As a result of the close proximity to the road, many of these sport coupes and sedans are subject to paint damage from road projectiles, insect acids and the like. To better preserve the beautiful factory finish, Ceramic Pro Sarasota highly recommends adding the services of Ceramic Pro or clear bra services on prone areas of the coupes.

Porsches are some of the lowest sitting vehicles on the road and the SUV line of the brand has a sport tuned suspension that keeps the vehicle low to the ground. Due to the close proximity to the road, Porsches take on large amounts of paint blemishing damage that can reduce the resale and beautiful finish of a vehicle. For the hardcore automotive enthusiasts that need to keep their vehicles in pristine condition, we recommend the full car kit or the partial kit to protect the entire car, or suspect prone areas. These high-end paint protection packages are ideal and prevent scratching, marring, swirling, oxidation, premature again, tree sap, insect acids and rock chip damage. Paint Protection film is known as the “king” of paint protection and acts as a shield between your vehicles coat and the environmental contaminants on the road. For a free quote for the paint protection needs of your Porsche, please click here.

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