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At Ceramic Pro Sarasota we have four distinct RV cleaning services available to service all of our clients individualized needs. The packages range from a Bronze package to a Platinum Package.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? We offer customizable la carte packages that can be stand alone or added to an existing package. Please scroll down for information regarding each package.

Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is a full hand wash and dry with focus on bug removal and wheel cleaning. The tires are dressed, and the windows and the roof are meticulously cleaned. We remove all contaminants that are stuck to the grill to get your RV looking great again.

Silver Package

Our Silver Package includes a full hand wash and dry, bug removal and wheel cleaning. Once the wheel cleaning has finished, we apply a nano spray wax applied to the RV. The spray wax will add additional shine and luster to your paint and have it protected for longer than if left unprotected.

Gold Package

The Gold Package is designed for RVs that want a mirror like finish. It’s the ultimate protection against the elements of Florida. It’s a liquid wax that is applied via Rupes buffers and it gives you the highest amount of gloss offered at our shop. Additionally it will remove light oxidation and light scratching and hazing.

Platinum Package

Our final package is designed for RVs with medium to heavy oxidation. The Platinum Package will remove all oxidation through compounds and high-gloss finishes. This package can be topped off with either a wax, ceramic coating or a silica sealant.

A La Carte Items

Our a la carte items offered are roof cleanings as well as additional polishing of the wheels. We are VOC compliant as well as OSHA compliant and safety compliant. If you are unable to come to our storefront, we can come and meet you where you are! Our detailers can come to your home or one of our entrusted RV storage facilities throughout the city. We have storage facilities that we work with in the Palmetto area, Bradenton area, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch area, Venice, Nokomis and Longboat Key. Additional services offered via the a la carte package are interior cleanings of RVs with carpet shampooing and interior detailing services. These services encompass the entire interior cleaning of your RV coach or bus.

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