Tesla Paint Protection & Add-ons

Tesla Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro Sarasota is your one stop shop for Tesla paint protection and Tesla customizations. Whether your Tesla is in need of Ceramic Pro, paint protection film or additional customizations the expert detailers and installers at Ceramic Pro Sarasota have the specific unique paint protection and Tesla accessories.

Paint Protection, Correction & Teslas

Teslas are known in the auto detailing world for their soft clear coats. If your adamant about protecting the integrity, allure and high shine and gloss then our shop recommends adding one of our tesla paint protection options. Especially important to Teslas that are black, these paint protection services like Clear Bra help protect against rock chips, oxidation, insect acids, swirling, marring, UV damage and much more. It’s entirely possible to leave a Tesla unprotected, but if this is the case then we recommend paint correction services at least every two years to ensure the paint is in great condition. By adding Ceramic Pro or clear bra to your vehicle, you’ll add valuable resale value and help ensure your paint is in the best condition possible! For a free quote for the paint protection needs of your Tesla, please click here.

Tesla Customizations

If you’ve recently purchased a Tesla then you might be in the market for tesla customizations. At Ceramic Pro Sarasota, we offer several custom options for any Tesla. Whether you drive a Model S, Model X or Model 3 we have the unique custom options to suit any Tesla owner’s needs.

Coilovers & Suspension

At Ceramic Pro Sarasota we offer coilovers for custom suspension and vehicle personalization. Coilovers are capable of adding subtle flare and provide a different level of suspension that is better suited to the drivers needs. If the stock suspension of your Tesla is not satisfying your needs, please give us a call at 1(941) 773-9500 or click here for a free quote for your coilover and suspension needs.

Custom Tesla Badging


Customizing the badge of a Tesla vehicle is one of the most popular forms of auto detailing services for vehicles. With Teslas this is far from the exception. Teslas have unique bading and branding, but if you’re looking for something to set your Tesla apart from the pack, then the custom badging services offered at our shop do just that. We can perfectly match the badges to the exact paint color of a vehicle, or add custom prints and designs.

Chrome Delete

Not a fan of the chrome accents on your Tesla? Our shop offers chrome delete services to remove these accents and replace them with vinyl wrap that perfectly matches the Tesla’s color. If you want to add a different accent or shade to suit your style, then we can match your dreams to reality.

tesla paint protection
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