January 26, 2023

Today we are here to inform you on the many benefits that marine ceramic coating has to offer! If you take pride in your vessel and dont want to deal with the cost of repainting your boat every 6 years then ceramic coating is for you!

A professionally prepped and installed marine ceramic coatings, such as Ceramic Pro Bravo, offer a long list of benefits. Marine coatings cure harder, provide superior protection against oxidation and contaminants from salt water, and simply last longer than other form of marine protection. 

Marine ceramic coating is proven better than any other form of paint protection for saltwater or freshwater vessels. These coatings can be applied to every portion of the vessel.

In the information below, we’ll go over the top three reasons investing in a professional ceramic coating installation for your vessel is an intelligent way to protect your investment.

Benefit #1 – Protection from Exposure to UV Rays

There are a lot of ways to store your boat and some of those options might not always be in a covered area. When your boat is exposed to the elements for an extended period of time you may want to consider some form of protection. Our Bravo marine coating offers just that! 

UV – Ultra-Violet Radiation is what causes physical damage to a surface of your boat. UV rays can cause your clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and textiles to oxidize, crack, and lose their depth and shine.

IR – Infrared Radiation is produced by the sun – and is responsible for creating heat.

Of the two – UV is the most harmful to your boat, jet ski, or another aquatic vessel. Our marine coating is designed for the harder surfaces such as gel coat and marine-specific clear coats. 

Benefit #2 – Improves Clean-Up and Maintenance 

There are a lot of ceramic coatings on the market. Some will advertise themselves as an all-in-one solution which does not hold up in every situation. Most of those solutions won’t hold up due to one thing – each surface is unique. For example, a ceramic coating for gel coat and clear coated paint needs to be extremely thick. On the other hand, a coating for fabrics or leather such as seats, nonslip, glass, and other substrates needs to be formulated for softer materials to bond correctly. Ceramic coating for your aquatic vessel makes it easier to remove animal droppings, water spots, and other debris created through the marine environment. Marine coating can be applied to every part of the vessel including the seats, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, even plastics.

Protecting your boat with marine ceramic coating gives the boat hydrophobic properties. This means that water, dirt, barnacles, algae, and animal waste is less likely to get stuck to the surface of your boat. In most cases,a pressure washer should remove anything that may be stuck to the surface. 

There are also special soaps and cleaners that are meant for boats with ceramic coating on them. Ceramic Pro line offers a line of proper cleaning supplies such as Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap. This helps to clean and protect your boat and dilutes quickly in water.

Benefit #3 – Less Drag Equals Better Performance and Efficiency

We talked about the hydrophobic properties our Bravo marine coating has to offer. However, when installed on the hull, it can also make it easier for your vessel to fly through the water. All of this is possible with ceramic coating, reducing the drag on the vessel in turn equals better performance!

Ceramic Pro Bravo cures harder then other coatings, but also extremely flat. Scientifically speaking, a flat surface produces less rolling resistance. This allows anything touching the coated surface to glide much easier.  It’s truly an investment when you buy a boat, jet ski, or other watercraft. Taking the time to learn about the best way to protect your big investment with Ceramic Pro Bravo makes sense. Making cleaning a breeze, staying protected from those harmful UV and IR rays is very important. If you are looking for the best ceramic coating for your water vessels contact Ceramic Pro Sarasota and ask us about our marine detailing services! 




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