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If you are looking for XPEL window film Sarasota, our team of experts at Ceramic Pro Sarasota are your exclusive XPEL installers. The XPEL  PRIME XR package that we offer utilizes nano-ceramic construction, which means that its appearance and clarity will stay flawless throughout the years. The heat rejection is highly important in the climate of Western Florida and unlike some of the cheaper options on the market, this tint package will not block or interfere with any GPS satellite or radio reception. The PRIME XR package provides SPF 1,000 that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays to keep you and your passengers safe from the Florida sun. Fully loaded with a lifetime warranty, this package will keep your skin, interior and peace of mind protected. The ceramic technology in PRIME XR allows us to provide the highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color. For a customized quote, click here


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Benefits of Window Tint

  • Interior protection from aging
  • Increased privacy
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful rays
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler
  • Resists shattering


PRIME XR utilizes nano-ceramic construction that allows it to maintain the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. This film blocks up to 88% infrared heat rejection which allows you to stay protected and comfortable inside your vehicle. PRIME XR performs like a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank. This film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant.


Ceramic Particle Technology

XPEL PRIME XR contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation. This technology is much more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.

Superior Heat Rejection

The multilayer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of infrared heat.

UV Ray protection

PRIME XR PLUS provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, and skin cell damage.

greater clarity

In the past, keeping cool meant choosing a darker shade of tint. Because of the multi-layer nano particle technology, PRIME XR PLUS provides ultra-high performance without reducing visibility.

Crystal Clear Signal

Now more than ever, communication is key. PRIME XR PLUS construction will not interfere with radio, cellular, or bluetooth signals.


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